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You Want The Best SEO for Your Website, Right?

Well so do I.

Whilst I’m pretty good at achieving Page One listings on Google for some clients, it can be tricky if you operate in a competitive and saturated market.

To use a football analogy, “You’re only as good as your last goal”, I felt I needed to bolster the offering of my website marketing services to YOU. Simply because I want repeat business and recommendations!

Bring Out The Big Guns

I’ve teamed up with a leading UK based SEO agency to be able to give YOU the highest chances of search engine success.

  • Full keyword/keyphrase research and analysis
  • 10 targeted keywords/keyphrases, to start with
  • Weekly ranking and traffic reports
  • Content creation and editing
  • Social media marketing
  • Inbound links to your website
  • and a lot more…

Why You Should Use Me for Your SEO

Now, I can’t tell you who this brilliant SEO agency is. What I can say that they have worked on literally hundreds of websites over the years, from small businesses to national corporations, with huge amounts of success.

Here’s what some of their clients have had to say:

“We are ranking 1st on Google”

“Over 500 organic visitors to our site daily”

“Placed us above a competitor on Google”

“From page 5 on Google to Page One in just two months”

These guys really are awesome at SEO, trust me. I’m a perfectionist, and I choose my partners carefully.

Sounds Expensive. How Much Does SEO Cost?

The way we’ve worked the pricing of our SEO offering to you is to charge by the hour, rather than having a set of packages with one having more features than the other.

This is fairer as every client gets the same SEO service tools and methods, the only difference being the amount of time being spent on each client’s project.

So, the amount of SEO your get performed for you is only limited by your budget. A small sized local business with average competition may only need 6-8 hours of SEO a month, whereas a large national company competing in the insurance comparison industry may need considerably more than that.

My unique SEO services to YOU cost just £65 per hour.

(I don’t charge VAT, not yet) For comparison, the cheapest SEO in London starts at £80-£105 per hour.

You simply have to decide how many hours a month you have the budget for, the minimum recommended being four hours. I advise you commit yourself to at least two (ideally three) months in order to get the benefits of SEO.

Things To Look Out For When Buying SEO

Some SEO companies will charge a setup fee before lifting a finger to optimise your website, this can sometimes be a few hundred pounds! I don’t do this.

Some may even charge you a few hundred pounds per keyword/keyphrase, we don’t; I just found a company wanting £399 for one keyword! Your SEO with us starts with the ten most popular keyphrases, and once they’re optimised and performing well, we move to the next ten phrases and so on.

A typical outlay for SEO in the UK varies between £400 and £3,000 a month. However, there’s always some who spend tens of thousands! Six hours of mine and my colleagues’ time is just £390, for quite possibly equal or superior results.

Be wary of anyone offering guarantees and/or instant results. SEO is a tricky beast, and even the bods who work at Google cannot do anything to boost you to the top of the organic listings. Plus, it takes time; on average two to three months for a consistent result. Occasionally, flash-in-the-pan overnight results do happen, but these are the exception, not the norm.

Let’s Do This!

As you can see, my SEO proposal is well thought out with YOU in mind. Next step: You should contact me now!


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